Will your business idea Succeed?


Build and execute online marketing tests in real sales conditions to give you valuable insights that you can’t get anywhere else.

You surely don't want to waste your time and money
developing a product that nobody wants

We created...


powerful, quick, money & time-saving service

  • Determine if you should kill your project (with our success score)
  • Find out if your target market will pay for your product
  • Learn how to talk to your customers and present your idea
  • Analyze which features or services, your customers want most
  • Know which MVP to build

Marketing Test Process

Build your concept

We provide a step by step to help you with your project, to set your value proposition, define the problem you solve and to be ready to build your first marketing test funnel.

The marketing test funnel

- >We create a fake door where you explain the purpose of your product. It can be a fully fledged landing page, a short “beta” version, or a survey to get feedbacks
- We drive traffic to this fake door (E.g. ads from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Adwords etc)
- Users are able to start trying to register/buy your product(… except they can’t do it yet) or answer your questions
- Track the right KPIs throughout the whole process: how many people visited your landing page, how many of them wanted to register/engage/buy, semantic analysis of answers etc
- Prevent customers disappointment by turning them into early adopters

Get your score and first cutomers

Submit your results :
We analyze campaign results and give you a Success Score
(as well as answers about your target audience, value proposition, pricing model, product features, etc)

What you get out of the machine

All the answers to invest, or
kill your project
Futur Customers don't lie

Value Proposition

What is the value of my product? Why do customers decide to purchase it and how should I communicate about my product?


Who is interested in your product. What do they like? How old are they? Where do they come form?


Advertisings to appeal to your target market and bring traffic to your landing page.

Landing page

A web page to highlight your product and its unique value to your potential customers.

Business score

A score to evaluate the potential of your product or service idea. The score gives you an indicator of your future business success.


One of the outcomes of the test is customers who sought to buy your product and their contact details.

Ready to run a Market Test and
go boom or bust with your business idea?

Stop wasting your time and use our fast and cost-effective method to measure interest in your new business idea

We do it for you
We build and execute your Test-Market

  •   Marketing (value proposition definition      & target definition)

  •   Design (landing page, product, ads,      brand test)

  •   Campaign (creation, management, optimisation)

  •   Advanced analysis and actionnable insights

  •   Dedicated team
An End-to-End Test-Market solution for agencies and large companies
  •   All services in previous plan
  •   Global licence
    (multi projects)
  •   White-label reports
  •   Dedicated team